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We are Wiring Harness Manufacturers

ASL are the award winning and ISO 9001 approved UK wiring harness supplier.

With an IPC A-620 fully trained technical team, we guarantee low costs and high quality for all your wiring harness needs.

Shop floor for Wire Harness

Shop floor for Wiring Harness

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We are committed to wiring harness excellence

As a family run business with ambitious growth plans, we are extremely passionate about wire harness solutions and ensure our customers get what they want, first time, on time.

Customers come back to use our services as we are flexible and have the technical expertise to help with any wiring harness or wiring loom requirement.

We find that although our customers can have a fantastic electrical team, the decision is made to outsource some products when reaching full capacity and when their design and development engineers are spending time manufacturing components, rather than being free to concentrate on future products and projects.

  • Reduce Your Wire Harness Output
  • Improve Your Wire Harness Quality
  • Remove Your Wire Harness Bottlenecks 

We work from drawings and bills of materials, but we can also reverse engineer from a prototype and work with you to ensure we are offering the best cost effective solution.

Quality Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Harnesses are used in a wide range of electronic devices and electrical applications. A wire harness makes any electrical product work by sending electric power and signals through the wires and cables.

Assembly Solutions have been supplying wiring harness for over 20 years to industries including; Automotive, Rail and Security. We are set up to offer wiring harness manufacture with a design and development capability if required from the customer.

We also supply the manufacture of control panelsbox build and panel wiring, which can occasionally be a service that accompanies a wiring loom or harness.

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Explore our world class UK Bolton Factory.

Vehicle Electrical Wiring

Assembly Solutions create wiring harnesses that contribute massively towards the development of vehicle manufacturers all around the world.

  • Vehicle Conversion Wiring Harnesses and Cable Looms
  • Bus and Truck Wire Harness Systems
  • Blue Light Service Vehicle Full Electrical Systems
  • Commercial and Domestic Trailer Plug and Play Cables
  • Electric Vehicle, Hybrid and Low Emission Vehicle Wiring
  • Motorsport Wiring Systems

Our expertise and knowledge base in vehicle high voltage and battery technologies, ensures we are market leaders within the electrical wiring industry.

Read our Case Study on Bus Manufacturer Optare.
Vehicle Wiring Harness and Control Panel Build

“We are delighted with ASL’s commitment to deliver goods on time at such short notice. Their strong development and prototyping department is also something we highly value.”

Harness Components

Harness components play a big role when used to connect together wires and cables. It’s very important that connectors must be of good quality and durable to function in the harsh enviroments of a vehicle. They must be able to withstand extreme temperature variations, vibrations, water and electromagnetic interference and other conditions.

Wiring Harness Manufacturers UK

For over 20 years we have been the ‘go to’ supplier for low cost and quick turnaround wiring harnesses.

After building up a solid UK customer base, we are proud to show that we supply into some of the UK’s biggest manufacturing companies.

Optare Group are a UK manufacturer of Buses and chose us over 10 years ago as their UK supplier for wiring looms, harnesses and control panels.

Read our case study for more information on our automotive wiring harness capabilities and experience.

Optare select UK Wiring Loom Manufacturer ASL

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Tel: 01204 521999

Email: enquiry@assembly-solutions.com

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