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Wire Preparation

Wire Preparation

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A variety of speedy and cost-effective preparations for wire and cable

We’ve invested so you don’t have to! Here at ASL, we’ve invested over £100k in our wire and cable preparation machinery allowing us to meet any wire or cable prep needs you may have. This investment ensures you get the best wire and cable prep whether it be cut, strip or crimp assemblies right the way through to ultrasonic cable welding.

They say good things come to those who wait, well here at ASL, we feel you deserve the best quality you can find, but we don’t want you waiting. That’s why we aim for a speedy turnaround which is made possible in our award-winning factory using our high tech machines. With an IPC A-620 fully trained workforce within a family-run business environment, we offer the perfect balance of technical expertise alongside a personal service. 

We take pride in only offering the best products and establishing lasting relationships with our clients.

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Flexible quotes

Everyone’s requirements are different and while we usually produce wires and cables in high quantities, we’re more than happy to quote on lower quantities. After all, great things come in small packages, right? 

With wires produced from £0.02p each, we offer competitive quotes for all our customers on a wide variety of products. Our machines support a range of processing options so you can find exactly what you need, including wire marking with hot-stamp or inkjet markers.

We also offer:

  • Cable preparation 
  • Consumer unit cables 
  • Earth strap 
  • Ultrasonic cables

Discover what sets ASL apart

Wire Preparation Cheaper than Overseas

Why import something when you can create it right here in the UK with very little labour input? While you might think you could get a better deal by taking it overseas, actually, we can guarantee we can compete in this area. 

With our high-quality machines churning out thousands of wires every day, we can keep our prices extremely low as well as guaranteeing you a fast turnaround. When you outsource abroad, you can also expect higher delivery costs and you aren’t always guaranteed the same quality that you can expect from a local manufacturer. Plus, if you have any problems, it’s much more difficult to resolve these when they’re thousands of miles away in a different time zone. 

As well, because our friendly family-run team are based in the UK, we’re running on the same time as you and there’s no language barrier to contend with – so we’re here when you need us. So, if you’re thinking about subcontracting your wire preparation overseas, why not get a quote from us first?

China prices but better quality

All our wire preparation jobs are done in our machines so we can our high speed cut, strip and terminate machine so there is very little labour involved. This means we can offer exceptionally low prices and due to the speed we can deliver in no time! 

When it comes to finding the right cable assembly manufacturer, you don’t need to look any further than us. While many businesses believe that outsourcing this type work abroad is cheaper than looking in the UK, this is often a misconception. We offer competitive prices and a fast turnaround, as well as operating in the same time zone as you without any tricky language barriers to content with.  

Just a few things we expect to help you with 

  • Reduce your wire preparation spend
  • Improve the quality of your current wire preparation
  • Speed up the lead time for your orders

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