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Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness Manufacturer

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UK Wiring Harness Manufacture

Assembly Solutions is a customer focused and thriving manufacturer of high quality custom-made wiring harnesses and wiring looms. With 25 years of experience, we have grown to become a national leading supplier and have built up an incredible portfolio of customers including; Aston Martin, Ford, Rolls Royce and Siemens. We manufacture in low & high volume, and offer design/engineering support to ensure all looms and harnesses are built both cost-effective and fit for its application.

A Family Run Business

We are a family run business dedicated to building relationships with customers. Our fantastic team of wiring harness builders all have over 10 years of wiring experience and work at such an incredible speed. We pride ourselves most of our fast deliveries which all include 100% electrically tested harnesses. Quality is the most important part of the wiring harnesses and we are pleased to be ISO 9001 accredited.

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ASL is without a doubt the best UK manufacturer of wiring looms and wiring harnesses. They have been our preferred supplier for 10 years because their quality and attention to detail is none other than excellent, and they deliver when they say they will. For us we find working with ASL extremely easy, they are always quick to respond and support us with fast turnaround deliveries when we have urgent demands.

Electrical Engineering Manager – Alexander Dennis

Custom Made Quality Wiring Harnesses

As an ISO 9001 approved manufacturer we produce wiring harnesses to the highest quality and carry out a full electrical test on every product before despatch. Our harness team are trained to IPC A-620 standards and understand the importance of reliability. All our harnesses are built against customer drawing, and our skilled and quality conscious team are fully trained and technically well experienced harness builders. Every loom is made to perfection and turned around on an efficient 3-6 weeks. All our wiring assemblies are built to a robust and high quality standard that ensures products will withstand any environmental condition.

Supplying Industry Wiring Harness

We manufacture wiring harnesses into a wide range of Industries and applications;

  • Ambulance and Special Conversion wiring harness
  • Bus and Truck wire harness solutions
  • Car and Commercial Vehicles including Trailers
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle electrical wiring looms
  • Harvesting Equipment and Application harnesses
  • Medical Equipment wire harness assemblies

25 Years Wiring Experience

In our bright and spacious Bolton factory we have an efficient production set-up including 10m long wiring build boards and cable reels and connectors on stock trolleys. Due to the complexity and size of wiring harnesses and wiring looms, our production team find that the fastest and most efficient way to build is by working off floor standing harness boards. All boards are custom made for each wiring harness part number with a CAD drawing made to scale and placed on the board prior to build. Our technical engineers ensure that the CAD drawing is printed with correct cable specifications and lengths, connectors and note any special processes that may need to be carried out ie. heat shrinking to protect particular areas of the harnesses.

Automotive Wiring Harness Manufacture

We have supplied wiring harness products to the Automotive Industry for over 25 years and now proudly supply; Aston Martin, Ford and Rolls-Royce. Our expertise in wiring looms has grown tremendously, where we now boast an extensive range of experience in commercial vehicles. These include; Ambulances, Buses, Cars, Trucks, Trailers and Vans. Working with the latest models in vehicle technology, our technical team have the knowledge and skills to support wiring harnesses for any electric and hybrid system. We also supply wiring harnesses for equipment used in the Agricultural Industry. These include; Crop Spraying tractors, Flail Mowers and Harvesters.

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