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Cable Assemblies

Custom Cable Assemblies

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UK Manufactured Custom Cable Assemblies

Assembly Solutions (ASL) is an industry-leading manufacturer of custom-made quality cable assemblies. We have been making custom cable assemblies for 25 years and have built a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience.

We provide custom cable and harness assemblies for a range of different industries including; automotive, agriculture and construction. Our services are specifically tailored to your assembly requirements, at an affordable price.

Want a quick assembly quote?

We pride ourselves on being a fast-paced team and giving our customers a speedy service. Email your custom cable assembly drawings to, and we’ll be straight back to you with prices.

Our experienced sales engineers are here to help at any time, so if you'd like to chat with us about your cable assemblies and electrical assemblies, call 01204 521999, and we can get you started!

Range of Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom Cable Assembly Testimonial

We build our bikes with cable assemblies made by Assembly Solutions as their quality is first class and deliveries are always on time, which is vital for our fast moving production lines! The sales and engineering team are an absolute pleasure to deal with, very friendly and quick to respond to any technical changes and quotations. It's very easy to say that ASL are one of our best suppliers!

Henry Moreta, Buyer – Brompton Bicycle

Custom Cable Assembly FAQs

What is a cable assembly?

A cable assembly is a group of wires, which are bound together into a single unit. The individual wires are measured, then encased in a safe tube made of a non-conductive material such as rubber or polyurethane. Connectors are attached at each end, so that each of the wires can be connected simultaneously to two points, as a single, easy-to-manage cable.

What is a custom cable assembly?

A custom cable assembly is a cable assembly made with a specific machine or piece of electrical equipment in mind. Rather than purchasing a pre-assembled cable, a custom cable assembly allows the buyer to make their specifications known prior to manufacture, so that the cable will be the ideal length, and have all the features required for its intended purpose.

What are the benefits of a custom cable assembly?

A custom cable assembly can be a great option for your business, particularly if you operate specialist machinery, or manufacture electrical equipment. A custom cable assembly gives you full control over:

  • The length of the wires and final cable assembly;
  • The materials used;
  • The type of connectors used;
  • How much voltage the cable can transmit

By employing a custom cable assembly service, you get the benefit of their expertise, and can work collaboratively to create the most effective cable for the task at hand.

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