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Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly Manufacturer

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Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Assembly Solutions is a UK leading manufacturer of Cable Assembly & Cable Preparation Services. We're an award winning Bolton based family business, fully accredited to the Quality International Standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

From simple cable assemblies through to large heavy duty cable prepared assemblies seen on our cable assembly video, we are fully equipped to manufacturer any type of electrical cable requirement. Our highly skilled wiring operating team are fully trained to the IPC Cable Assembly Standards, proving their quality in all cable assembly production processes; crimping, soldering, tinning and understanding acceptable tolerances set by the customer.

Our Cable Assembly Services

We manufacture a wide range range of custom-made Cable Assembly products, from Automotive Electric Vehicle Battery Cables, through to Heavy Duty Machinery Equipment Power Cable Assemblies.

Every cable assembly batch is made exact to customer specification and passes through a precise Quality Inspection and 100% electrical test to ensure accuracy and reliability before being packed and despatched. We pride ourselves on providing a highly efficient and cost-effective service, where all our cable assembly products are manufactured competitively and on a fast turnaround.

Video: Cable Assembly

"ASL are a brilliant technically knowledgeable and quality committed company. They have been our cable assembly supplier for over 10 Years and continue to deliver excellence. We really enjoy working with them, the sales team and technical engineers are always a delight to deal with!"

Buyer, Brompton Bicycle

Custom Made Cable Assembly

All our cable assembly products are custom made and manufactured against customer drawing and specification. We have technical engineering expertise to support and advise of any beneficial technical or cost-effective changes to the cable assembly.

Every customer and their cable assembly requirement is unique and different to others that we manufacture, as we supply to such a diverse set of Industries. Our sales and engineering team work closely with customers to ensure we fully understand the application and purpose of the assembly. We provide cost-effective quotes, and run sample prototypes prior to full batch production to ensure quality and specification meets customer approval.

Our customers really are a reflection of our quality and care, which is why we are immensely proud to manufacture cable assemblies for two world-renowned manufacturers, Aston Martin and Brompton Bicycle. These two customers are examples where the opportunities have grown from manufacturing a handful of their cable assembly products, to now producing an extensive range of cost-effective cable assemblies and wiring looms to their operational plants.

Cable Assembly Prototype & Production

For all new cable assembly and cable preparation products, we create a sample prototype. This to ensure it meets customer approval and also helps to avoid any issues that could occur in future build, such as part availability or quality processes.

Manufacturing a prototype is a process we carry out for the introduction of all new cable assembly and cable preparation assemblies. It helps to reveal any design flaws that could affect functionality, but also potential problems in the supply chain or manufacturing processes. A sample is good practice to ensure production is streamlined and efficient for the future volume builds.

Being able to offer the most cost-effective solution, is another reason we carry out a prototype before production, as creating the first one-off helps us fully understand the total cost of production. Some connectors take longer to assemble if they require soldering or specialist skills so prototyping a design allows us to explore ways to speed up production, reduce labour time and reduce costs – for example by using components that are easier and quicker to assemble.

25 Years Of Cable Assembly Services

We have supplied Cable Assembly services for over 25 Years, after the company was founded in 2020. It was an incredible milestone to reach and has been a journey of growth since the start, where we started off manufacturing only certain types of cable assembly, and from there steadily grown, where we now also build wiring looms and wiring harnesses.

Our years of establishment and wealth of experience has see us grow into one a trusted UK leading British manufacturer which is reputable for all cable assembly services and other wiring products. Being a supplier of cable assembly services for over 25 years has extensively broadened our knowledge and expertise in multiple markets. These include; Automotive, General Engineering, Medical & Nuclear.

Our cable assembly services and processes include;

  • Cable Cut, Strip, Terminate
  • Cable Printing
  • Over Moulding
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Soldering & Tinning
  • Extensive Tooling

NHS Medical Custom Cable Assembly

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic we supported the NHS with a range cable assembly products for medical equipment. These included; cable assemblies for Covid testing apparatus, hospital bed cables, sterilisation cable assemblies and ventilation equipment cables.

It has been an extremely challenging time supporting the medical and healthcare industry, but we're immensely proud of our workforce that have put in extra over time every week to show their support in helping hospitals and ill patients all over the world.

Why choose us for your cable assembly services?

  • Award Winning Company
  • 98% Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Prices
  • Fast Turnaround
  • 25 Years Of Cable Assembly
  • Reliable & Flexible

For expert and professional cable assembly services, contact Assembly Solutions today for a specially tailored quote and advice on your project.

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