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Wiring Loom

Wiring Looms and Harnesses

  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBMade in Bolton, UK
  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBFast 3-6 week turnaround
  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBISO 9001 Quality Approved

UK Wiring Loom Manufacturer

Assembly Solutions is an industry-leading manufacturer of wiring looms and wiring harnesses. With 25 years of experience we have become a national supplier, establishing strong partnerships with world-class companies, including Ford, Siemens, and Vodafone. In our spacious and well-organised factory, we have created a seamless wiring harness operation, complete with 10m long wiring boards and side stock filled trolleys for all materials and tooling.

Fast and Flexible Lead Times

We have a highly experienced and efficient production team, which is why we are renowned for our fast turnaround and flexibility. Our wiring looms are generally delivered on a 3 to 6-week turnaround, however, this can vary depending on the size and complexity of the harness, which we will estimate at quoting stage. When you choose our service, you can rely on our expert team to deliver top-quality wiring looms, whilst your development engineers can dedicate their time to future projects.

Quality Wiring Looms

Quality is central to our wiring loom assemblies. We deliver wiring looms and harnesses for a variety of industries, including Automotive and Agriculture. Therefore, we take care to ensure that our looms are robust enough and perform reliably when out on the roads and farm land. All our wiring looms and harnesses are 100% electrically tested, and all our production processes conform to Quality ISO 9001. Our technical experts have the knowledge and experience at hand to find flexible solutions for any wiring loom or harness requirement.

Video: Our Expert Wiring Loom Service

Customer Testimonial

ASL is without a doubt the best UK manufacturer of wiring looms and wiring harnesses. They have been our preferred supplier for 10 years because their quality and attention to detail is none other than excellent, and they deliver when they say they will - which is something my other suppliers don’t do! For us we find working with ASL extremely easy, they are always quick to respond and support us with fast turnaround deliveries when we have urgent demands.

Electrical Engineering Manager – Alexander Dennis

100% Electrical Loom Test

All our wiring looms come with a 100% electrical test to ensure that the harness is functioning exactly how it should be. Our quality assurance department will not allow any wiring looms to leave the factory unless they match 100% against the customer's specifications, and that they are finished to the highest quality.

Wiring Loom and Harness FAQs

What is a wiring loom?

A wiring loom, sometimes known as a wiring harness or cable assembly, is a collection of electrical wires which are connected or bound together, with the aim of transmitting electrical signals within a machine. Wiring looms are carefully arranged and bound together, and are a safer, more streamlined form of connection than large numbers of loose wires. 

What does a wiring loom do?

A wiring loom is an assembly of wires, which fulfils the purpose that multiple loose wires would fulfil within a machine. The benefits of wiring looms is that they are easier for engineers to work with, and minimise risks of damage to wires as they are bundled together and not hanging loose.

What is a loom wiring harness?

A wiring harness is another name given to a wiring loom or wire assembly. It refers to a collection of wires which are arranged into a single unit, sometimes with the same connectors so that multiple wires can transmit electricity between two points. Wiring harnesses are commonly used in manufacturing, as well as related industries such as agriculture or automotive, which rely heavily on machinery.

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