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Brompton Bicycle

Celebrating 10 Years with Brompton

Brompton is a UK manufacturer of the famous folding bicycle that you will have likely seen people riding around on in cities.

This year we are proud to be celebrating 10 years partnership with Brompton, after they chose us in 2011 as their new supplier for cable assemblies - which power the front and rear bicycle lights.

Their bikes have been a huge success all over the world and especially during 2020 when demands began to soar. Last year saw many of us turning to cycling as part of keeping fit and healthy through the pandemic. During these busy times volumes have reached a record high, which made it vital to maintain our efficiency levels and deliver on time. To put volumes into perspective, Brompton sold 45,000 bikes in 2020!

During our customer feedback survey in 2020, we were delighted to hear Brompton comment on our cable assembly capabilities;

Why Brompton choose us;

  • Meeting everyday changing expectations 
  • Deliveries are always on time 
  • Prices are competitive 
  • Customer service is great 
  • Proactive attitude towards continuous improvement

"We build our bikes with cable assemblies made by Assembly Solutions as their quality is first class and deliveries are always on time, which is vital for our fast moving production lines! The sales and engineering team are an absolute pleasure to deal with, very friendly and quick to respond to any technical changes and quotations. It's very easy to say that ASL are one of our best suppliers! "

Henry Moreta, Buyer - Brompton Bicycle

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