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Why Choose Custom Cables

February 14, 2021

Why Choose Custom Cables?

For custom cables UK, we are the experts. At Assembly Solutions we’re the specialists when it comes to manufacturing custom cables in the UK. There are many different choices when it comes to different custom cables and custom electrical manufacturing, all come with a variety of different benefits.

If you’re in need of specific cable assemblies, discover the benefits of choosing custom cables UK services and why they can help you achieve your aims and fulfil your project quotas more efficiently.

What Are The Benefits of Custom Cables?

There are several key benefits of acquiring custom cables from a trusted manufacturer, like Assembly Solutions, most of which are designed to save you time and money. Here are a few examples of why choosing custom cables can be a key component for your business; 

  • Specific Materials: By a custom cable process, manufacturers will only use the specific amount of materials required to suit the quantity ordered by the customer. With custom cables, you can choose specific features such as the insulations, shield and jacketing materials needed for each batch. These details can be incredibly important for certain industrial applications, particularly within the medical and defensive sectors.
  • Accuracy: By choosing custom cables, you are guaranteed more accurate products and designs that specifically suit your requirements for your project completely. This also ensures that wastage is minimised by ensuring that the correct cables are made without overproducing. This helps reduce the amount of used and waste materials in the long run.
  • Quality assurance: With custom cable UK orders, each batch is quality and safety tested and is guaranteed to a particular combination of components will stand up to the elements. At Assembly Solutions, our custom cables go through rigorous testing to ensure functionality and suitability for the task.
  • Greater Performance: Custom cables are made to fit a specific design based on outlined specifications for an application or installation. Depending on the specific needs of the customer, each custom cable can be manufactured to include added functions and features to better suit it’s proposed environment or final product.
  • Time & Cost Efficiency: Because custom cables are specially designed and manufactured to meet a specific application, there is no need for retrofitting. A custom cable is much easier to install and is designed to provide longevity and functionality that is not available from off-the-shelf cables. This custom process saves time and money by eliminating the need to adjust or retrofit cables, helping customers to finish their project much faster and easier.

Manufacturers of Custom Cables UK

Assembly Solutions provide effective and cost-efficient custom cables, UK assembly and manufacturing services that are ideal for a variety of industries and applications. Cable assemblies are typically used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to make installation quicker and easier when mass producing items or products. Although standard cables can work, oftentimes custom made cables provide the reliability and functionality that are often needed for specific industry applications.

At Assembly Solutions, we understand the importance of great custom cable assembly and manufacturing. Our experts are specially trained to ensure that each custom cable UK product meets a high standard of quality and safety. Every batch of custom cables has been tested in a variety of different environments and applications to ensure satisfaction every time.

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