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Panel Wiring

Panel Wiring

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  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBLow to high volume builds

Panel Wiring Manufacturers

Assembly Solutions is a leading supplier of panel wiring services. With an experienced and efficient production team, we are renowned for our panel wiring services that we provide on a fast and flexible turnaround.

  • Panel Wiring
  • Project Design & Development 
  • ISO9001 Quality Assurance
  • Fast & Flexible Delivery

Customer-focussed Wiring Service

As a manufacturer who is committed to supporting customers as best we can, we usually assist with the initial design by bringing our engineering expertise to every panel wiring project. We generally work from drawings and bills of materials, but if required we can reverse engineer control panels from a sample or prototype.

Expert Panel Wiring Team

Our panel wiring operators are fully trained to IPC A-620 and have experience in producing a wide range of control panel assemblies after working on projects for industries including; automotive, nuclear and security.

All our panel wiring products are electrically tested using our automatic testing facilities or bespoke test equipment designed specifically for the control panel.

Customer Testimonial: Siemens

We have a great relationship with ASL and have worked with them for many years, simply because they continue to deliver quality products. Being a well-established business, we have trusted them from the start and appreciate their knowledge staff, who have gone above and beyond to help with technical design.

Electrical Engineer – Siemens

Panel Wiring FAQs

What is panel wiring?

Panel wiring is the process of building an electrical control panel – a metal or plastic box which houses electrical components. These components can serve a variety of function, but their core function is to regulate and control the power supply to whichever machine or device they are powering. 

Electrical panels must be put together by experienced professionals, who are able to build circuits from diagrams, understand the required safety measures, and are able to wire the panels to the required specifications. 

What is a panel wirer?

A panel wirer is somebody who arranges and connects electrical components such as switches and cables into functioning control panels. A panel wirer must be able to read and understand electrical diagrams, in order to create panels to the correct specifications. Panel wirers typically work in manufacturing, but can specialise in a range of different systems, including automotive control panels.

What are panel wiring regulations?

Panel wiring must meet the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards, which details the correct practices and procedures for cable, wire, and harness assemblies. The IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards cover the required materials, methods and quality tests which should be used to ensure that panel wiring is done to an acceptable calibre.

Where can I get high-quality control panel wiring?

At Assembly Solutions, we’re proud to offer a ISO9001 Quality Approved panel wiring service, able to handle both low and high volumes. Alongside rigorous quality testing and an experience panel wiring team, we offer design support and a customer-focussed service which has earned us a number of repeat customers.

Whether you have a job in mind, or are keen to discuss future panel wiring projects, you can get in touch with our team by submitting an enquiry form over on our Contact page – or phoning us directly.

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