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Panel Build

Panel Build

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Experienced Panel Builders

Assembly Solutions is a quality-committed supplier of panel build services.

With a dedicated technical team of panel builders, we run a seamless manufacturing service from the initial prototype build, right through to full volume control panel production.

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  • 25 Years of Experience
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100% Electrical Testing

All our panel build products are manufactured to customer specifications, and 100% electrically tested using our automatic testing facilities, or our bespoke test equipment designed specifically for the control panel builds.

We are committed to supporting customers as best we can, and can assist with the initial design by bringing our engineering expertise to every control panel wiring project.

Panel Build Experience

As a leading UK manufacturer, we are proud to have panel build expertise across several industries, including automotive, rail, and utilities.

With 25 years of experience, we understand how important cost and reliability is when it comes to control panel builds. To ensure every control panel project is a success, we work closely with our customers from the costing stage right through to production, focusing on producing panels that are cost-effective and fit for purpose.

Customer Testimonial: Siemens

We have a great relationship with ASL and have worked with them for many years, simply because they continue to deliver quality products. Being a well-established business, we have trusted them from the start and appreciate their knowledge staff, who have gone above and beyond to help with technical design.

Electrical Engineer – Siemens

Panel Builder FAQs

What is a panel build?

A panel build refers to the production process of electrical control panels. Control panels are made to contain electrical components which regulate and distribute electrical power within a machine – for instance, an automobile. 

A panel build could refer to the creation of a single panel, or multiple panels to be used in the manufacture of vehicles, or other machinery.  

What is a panel builder?

A panel builder is a trained professional, who is capable of assembling or building electrical control panels for machines. Panel builders will typically work from electrical diagrams, building the control panel to the specifications and with the components required. Panel builders must be aware of safety regulations, and know how to build safe and efficient circuits that will power machinery. 

What are the benefits of finding a panel build service?

By hiring a panel builder, or panel build service, you will experience a number of benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Volume. Professional panel build services have panel builders capable of assembling electrical control panels in large quantities, using both speed and efficiency.
  • Expertise. Hiring a team of panel builders means that you get the benefit of all their years of industry experience, to deliver a high-quality product.
  • Quality Testing. Rigorous electrical testing and quality assurance protocols mean that your panel building service will not only deliver products quickly, but they will be tested for safety and efficiency as well.

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