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Nuclear Cable and Wire Assembly Solutions 

Within the nuclear sector, there is a requirement for incredibly safe and reliable electrical technologies and components to ensure nuclear works can be carried out safely and securely. Every component within a utility nuclear station needs to work consistently and efficiently in order to maintain the safe power generation and distribution of energy. 

 For the nuclear industry, having the right cable and wire assembly product is key to safe and successful power generation. At Assembly Solutions, our custom cable and wire services offer excellent adaptability and flexibility for whatever type of nuclear application is required. Our wires and cables can be specially designed to include heat resistant coatings or superstrong and durable wires and cables to suit the specifications and requirements of nuclear power plants or power generation. 

Assembly Solutions for Expert Custom Cables 

Our range of nuclear cables and wire preparation services are produced and manufactured within our UK based premises by our expert team of specialists. The cables and wire products we produce are guaranteed to meet the highest quality and safety standards as all of our cable assemblies and wire harnesses are thoroughly checked before they are dispatched. 

Assembly Solutions have supplied a great selection of cable assemblies for different areas within the nuclear sector and have gathered decades of industry experience. We understand the specific safety requirements that are needed from electrical components within nuclear power generation and management. Our services and cable products are priced at competitive rates and we offer a fast and flexible turnaround times so that you can complete your project and maintenance more quickly and cost effectively. 

Speak to Assembly Solutions 

For more information about our custom cable and wire preparation services, speak to a member of our team today. Our experts will be happy to discuss your specific cable assembly needs for nuclear applications and to provide you with a personalised quote. Contact our team at Assembly Solutions now.


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