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Agricultural Wiring Looms and Cable Assemblies

Assembly Solutions are a UK manufacturer of Agricultural Wiring Looms and Cable Assemblies.

From rugged harness designs through to simple earth bonding straps, Agricultural wiring harnesses require specialist manufacturers who appreciate the harsh and hazardous environments that this type of assembly will be expected to perform within, including flexing, moisture, humidity, UV, temperature, chemical etc.

From prototyping, pre-production through to volume production, ASL are ideally suited as we are able to draw on our knowledge and experience from working with our agricultural OEM, VAR customers, and including automotive, passenger, emergency, construction & transportation sectors.

Quality, Reliability and durability should always be key considerations due to the exposed nature and inaccessible locations agricultural equipment operates within. Compromising may come at a cost but our engineers are well placed to ensure that you get the best support and advice along with our comprehensive inspection and testing regime for peace of mind.

Expert Electrical Assemblies for Agricultural Machinery 

Our products and services are incredibly versatile and can be applied to a variety of different industries and sectors, including agricultural machinery and equipment. Assembly Solutions have been a long term supplier for the agricultural industry, particularly focussing on manufacturing and supplying strong and reliable wire harnesses designed for specialist agricultural machinery like crop spraying or harvesting vehicles. 

When implementing new wire harnesses or other forms of electrical assemblies for agricultural machinery, it’s vital that quality and safety are guaranteed for each new wire harness or cable. At Assembly Solutions, all of our products are manufactured and assembled by expertly trained staff and go through stringent safety and quality checks. This helps to ensure that each custom or collective batch of wire harnesses or cable assemblies is suitable for the intended purpose. 

Contact Assembly Solutions 

For expertly designed and manufactured electrical assemblies and wire harnesses for agricultural machinery, contact a member of our team today. Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your specific needs and requirements for your agricultural equipment. For more information about the industries we supply, visit our info page.

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