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Earth Strap

Earth Strap Assemblies

  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBMade in Bolton, UK
  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBFast 4-Week Delivery
  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBISO 9001 Quality Approved

UK Manufactured Earth Straps

Assembly Solutions (ASL) is an industry-leading manufacturer of braided earth straps and braided earth lead assemblies.

Earth straps have been a part of our manufacturing service since we began, over 25 years ago. Our manufacturing team have a wide range of experience and knowledge, to deliver top-quality earth straps for the automotive industry, and more.

We have even supplied a range of braided earth straps which were used in the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier!

Quality Earth Straps

As an ISO 9001 Quality Approved cable assembly manufacturer, we produce all our earth straps to the highest standard from our large and lively Bolton factory.

By selecting the correct braid, termination and insulation, our earth straps are optimised for each application. We are open to looking at any size and quantity, and ensure that every single strap reaches the required performance criteria with respect to; temperature, flexibility, corrosion resistance, weight and electrical characteristics.

Full Range of Earth Straps and Braided Leads

We manufacture earth straps, as well as braided cable on reels. All our products are custom-made to customer specification, based on the size and length of cable. We also stock a range of terminations for single assemblies. We provide:

  • Earth Straps
  • Earth Leads
  • Braided Cable on reels
  • Braided Earth Strap Assemblies

Earth Straps: Customer Testimonial

We build our bikes with cable assemblies made by Assembly Solutions as their quality is first class and deliveries are always on time, which is vital for our fast moving production lines! The sales and engineering team are an absolute pleasure to deal with, very friendly and quick to respond to any technical changes and quotations. It is very easy to say that ASL are one of our best suppliers!

Henry Moreta, Buyer – Brompton Bicycle

Earth Strap FAQs

What is an earth strap in the automotive industry?

An earth strap is a lead which runs between an electrical component and a negative battery terminal, or chassis, providing an alternate path for electricity to travel. The earth strap protects your vehicle from damage in the event of a power surge or short circuit, by dispersing the electricity safely.

Why are earth straps braided?

Earth straps are braided in order to protect both people, and electrical devices, from sudden surges in electricity. Normally made from high-grade copper wire, earth straps can redirect electricity safely into the earth, or a negative battery terminal when used within the automotive industry. 

The braided wire is better able to transmit electricity safely than a single wire, due to splitting the electricity between multiple wires.

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