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Wire and Cable Preparation

ASL provide a fast turnaround and low cost service for wire preparation.

With a range of high speed automated machinery, we are set up to produce any type of wire or cable preparation on a very fast turnaround.

  • New High Speed Machines
  • Wires produced from £0.02 each
  • Fast Turnaround

Explore our award winning factory. Watch our video below!

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Call us today on 01204 521999 to discuss your wire prep needs.

We manufacture custom made wire assemblies from cut, strip and crimp assemblies to ultrasonic cable welding using our new high tech machines.

The volumes we produce in are typically high volume in the thousands but are also flexible and can quote on lower quantities.

Our factory is set up to offer you low costs & fast turnaround on any type of wire preparation.

ASL Invest £100k in Wire Preparation Machines

Assembly Solutions have recently invested over £100k in wire and cable preparation machinery.

Our extensive range of machines are set up with the capabilities for measuring, cutting, and stripping both individual and special wires to length and stripping.

The machines can strip in sections, allowing them to strip extremely long length in perfect quality.

Covering an extraordinary broad range of cross sections, our machines support a variety of processing options including wire marking with hot-stamp or ink jet markers.

Wire Preparation Cheaper than Overseas

Cable and wire preparation involves very little labor which makes us extremely competitive in this product area.

With many electrical assembly manufacturing processes being subcontracted overseas, we can guarantee this area is one we compete with.

Our machines churn out thousands of wires every day and with little labor input, our prices are very low.

Keep Cable Preparation Manufacturing in UK

If you’re wondering whether to subcontract your wire preparation overseas, get a quote from us first.

The problems you will face using an overseas supplier include;

  • Poor Quality
  • Products may need re-working
  • Communication and Language Barrier
  • High Delivery Costs

By using a UK supplier like Assembly Solutions, you are guaranteed;

  • Low Competitive Costs
  • Excellent Quality
  • Local Low Delivery Costs
  • Award Winning UK Service
  • Local for Meetings

Video coming soon on our range of extensive high speed wire preparation machinery.

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