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Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers

ASL are the multi-award winning experts in design, manufacture and installation of electrical panels.

With an IPC A-620 fully trained technical team, we guarantee low costs and high quality on all our control panel solutions.



  • We Design Electrical Control Panels
  • We Manufacture Electrical Control Panels
  • We Install Electrical Control Panels

Explore our award winning factory. Watch our video below!

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Call sales on 01204 521999 to discuss your control panel needs.

With a wide range of electrical panel solutions, we are experienced in any control panel type.

We manufacture any type of electrical panel but have great experience and knowledge in Automotive control panels, Nuclear control panels and utility control panels. We are flexible in our approach that we will look at any volume, from one offs to high volume in the hundreds.

Electrical Panel Builders

The Quality of build is paramount for us as electrical panel builders as most products are being used in all weathers and conditions including; rain, dust, and a high level of vibration so we run stringent testing to ensure our all control panels will remain reliable at all times.

  • Free Design Support
  • Free Development Support
  • Reducing Costs
  • Consistent Quality
  • Cutting Lead Times

  • Free Technical Support
  • Electrical Control Panel Wiring
  • CAD & Development
  • Testing & Approval

ASL are a beacon of consistency, quality and service, a business who’s enthusiastic, professional and caring culture resonates throughout all their employees and way of conducting business. But most importantly is their dedication to innovation and working with us to improve our product yet reduce our cost base for now and the future.”
Geoff Barton
Purchasing Manager, Canberra

Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers UK

As a UK company we are very proud to design, manufacture and install control panels which are for UK based projects.

We have been supplying control panels for over 10 years and one customer who has been with us for most of that time is Nuclear giant Canberra UK.

Canberra is the UK leading supplier of a diverse nuclear instrumentation range and we supply them with highly technical nuclear instrumentation panels and assemblies.

To better understand our product and service offering to Canberra, visit our case study;

Canberra select UK Control Panel Manufacturer ASL

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