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Cable Assemblies

ASL are a multi-award winning and low cost manufacturer of Cable Assemblies.

With a highly technically trained workforce, we guarantee you low costs and high quality on any type of cable assembly.

  • Low Cost Cable Assemblies
  • Fast Turnaround Cable Assemblies
  • Quality Approved Cable Assemblies

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Our range of custom cable assemblies includes;

  • Military cable assemblies
  • Access control and security cables
  • Overmoulding cable assemblies
  • Waterproof cable assemblies
  • Custom made cables and harnesses
  • Nuclear cable assemblies
  • Automotive cables and looms

Our cable assembly operators are fully qualified to IPC A-620, the certification for the requirements and acceptance of cable assembly and wire loom assemblies.

Our staff are put through training on an annual basis to ensure we reduce costs, reduce lead times, and still retain a high quality.

From battery cable assemblies, ribbon cable assemblies and braided cable assemblies, we can produce any style of cable assembly.

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We manufacture a wide range of cable assemblies and wiring loom assemblies for the Automotive Industry, all of which present their own particular challenges to any assembly operation.

Not only do the materials have to be of high standards to protect against harsh environments, but the connections have to be first class due to the ‘stop start’ nature of the vehicles.

Cable Assembly Manufacture

ASL have been working with vehicle manufacturers for over 10 years and has a deep understanding of of the industry needs.

Recently, we were awarded a contract from UK Bus Manufacturer Optare, where our low costs and fast turnaround were required for a large quantity of cable assemblies and wiring looms.

Our cable assembly solutions were a part of their contract for the Greater Manchester Transport Authority who required 66 Hybrid Buses. Optare managed to successfully secure the £13million order which was the biggest order for hybrid buses placed in the UK so far.

“After being let down by previous subcontractors, I’m really pleased to have found ASL who are honest, professional and demonstrate not only the know how, but also take pride in both their work and their business.”
Vehicle Conversion Manufacturer

Overmoulded Cable Assemblies

Many cable assemblies have an overmoulding structure to them as part of protection.

It is important that all cable assemblies are protected to ensure their electrical application they’re installed in is going to work.

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Overmoulding helps protect against harsh environmental conditions including; Abrasion, corrosion, vibration, pull forces, water and extreme temperatures.

We are able to offer a range of custom overmoulded cable assemblies. We can also personalise cables with numbers, letters and company branding etc.

Waterproof Cable Assemblies

Electrical cable assemblies are often used in harsh environmental conditions that aren’t suitable for electrical equipment.

Weather conditions can mean electrical cables and wires are exposed to rain, sleet, snow and storms.

As the cable assembly and control panel build supplier to United Utilities, a UK water company, we fully understand the importance of building a protected cable assembly.

Cable Assemblies UK

We have been supplying cable assemblies into the UK markets for over 20 years.

One UK customer that we are extremely proud to supply to is Bike Manufacturer Brompton Bicycle, who we came to us with a need for cable assemblies and wiring looms.

Brompton Bicycle if you’re not already aware is the UK Manufacturer of the worldwide recognised Brompton Folding Bicycle.

Our case study below details why Brompton Bicycle chose us as their preferred wiring supplier.

Brompton Bicycle select UK Cable Assembly Manufacturer ASL

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