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Optare Select Assembly Solutions for Wiring Harness and Control Panel Business.


Our Customer

Optare Group Ltd are a UK leading Bus Manufacturer. They provide a range of low-carbon buses using enhanced diesel technology, alternative fuel options and hybrid systems.

Their Problem

Optare identified a problem when the lead time from their overseas suppliers was too long. Optare use suppliers in Eastern Europe for their full production but needed a UK supplier that could offer a quick turnaround, good prices and a flexible service for their Aftermarket and VOR’s. In a very demanding industry, the lead time is vital and this urged them to source a UK company that could support them and be flexible enough to turn around wiring harnesses and cable assemblies within weeks, sometimes days.

Our Solution

Being UK based and experts in automotive electrical wiring, ASL were able to deliver Optare with the perfect solution.

With a team of highly skilled staff, ASL provided wiring harnesses and cable assemblies on a flexible quick turnaround and at a good competitive price.

ASL have a specialist automotive technical team which enabled Optare’s technical engineers to work closely with them on the whole range of electrical wiring assemblies.

Their Benefit

‘We chose ASL as our UK wiring harness supplier due to their short lead times and competitive prices.’

‘Their support from day 1 has been outstanding and had a very positive impact. Our customers are now much happier that Buses are being turned around quicker and still maintaining a good standard of quality.’

‘ASL’s fast turnaround, excellent service, quality and customer focus is superb and with them always looking to grow as a business, it makes my role as a buyer much easier.’

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