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ASL Invest In Staff for Continuous Quality Improvements

March 28, 2022

28th March, 2022
ASL Invest in Staff for Continuous Quality Improvements

What happens if you invest in your employees and then they leave?
What happens if you don't, and they stay?

Investing in staff training is a top priority at Assembly Solutions as we continually push for higher quality standards and to give employees confidence in all their work.

We are currently providing training to a selection of new starters who have joined our Cable Assembly department after significant growth in this product area. We have recruited 5 new production operators to support the work load, and over the next 4 weeks they will learn the skills of how to manufacture custom cable assemblies and understand the standards that every product must be made to.

A lot of our training is done in-house by our qualified and well experienced cable assembly Technicians. By training in-house, we can work with real projects that are passing through production, showing staff how a cable assembly is made from start to finish. The training journey starts right at the beginning with the CAD drawing, specification, wire list, parts list and work instructions which are all custom created by our Technical & Engineering Team.

Benefits of Cable Assembly Training 

  • Increases Efficiency
  • Improves Productivity
  • Improves Staff Confidence
  • More Accountability
  • Less Support Required
  • An Established Standard for Trained Members of Staff
  • Opportunities for Employee Development by tracking Personal Growth

Today, our new Production Operator Alex (pictured left) is being trained by Daryl on how to make Custom Mains Power Cables. These cables are for the Food & Catering Industry, to be used in Heated Food Serving Units.

Daryl is teaching Alex about crimping and the correct application of Ferrule/Core End Terminals. He will learn how to use crimp tools, how to crimp to IPC 620 standards including crimping techniques, and how to identify an incorrectly crimped terminal. 

Our Production Supervisor Daryl is one of our in-house Cable Assembly trainers and has almost achieved 10 Years Service at Assembly Solutions. He is a highly skilled cable assembly technician who has worked on some our biggest contracts that have consisted of EV & HV Battery Cables and 10m long Automotive Wiring Harnesses. He is an exceptional team player and is fully qualified to IPC 620 standards. Daryl is also on our Health & Safety Committee Board which means he contributes to top level continuous improvement projects relating to our Health & Safety.

Cable Assembly Quality Standards

As a leading UK manufacturer, quality and consistency is key to maintaining our reputation and reliability of products, but standards are significantly important in the Food & Catering Industry.

Our cable assembly products are specially manufactured to meet the high standards of the food & catering market sector. We understand the importance of clean equipment but also the high temperatures that the equipment can reach. The cables we manufacture are made to withstand aggressive corrosive cleaning chemicals that is used to kill germs and counteract contamination. All cable assemblies must also offer strong resistance and remain undamaged when in contact with extreme high temperatures. Our cables are made against customer specification and we hold a wide range of stock of all wire, cable, glands, crimps and connectors.

Our products are 100% electrically tested before being despatched from our factory, giving customers confidence that all cables work without any faults when being installed into their Food & Catering Equipment.

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