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£200,000 Machinery Investment to support Medical sector

August 18, 2020

  • £200,000 Investment to support Medical Sector
  • Cable Assemblies for Covid Testing Equipment
  • Moving fast for critical worldwide demand


Machinery Investment to support Medical sector

The Medical sector has without a doubt never been under this much pressure.

We have been supplying cable assemblies and wiring looms for medical equipment for over 20 years and have never seen such growth in demand since early this year.

After coronavirus spread worldwide, we have been pushed by medical equipment manufacturers to improve lead time and drastically increase volumes – something we were not set up for.

To meet the critical demands, we invested £200,000 in automatic high speed machines to cut, strip and terminate cables. These assemblies are used in hospital beds and general medical equipment including ventilator apparatus and Covid testing apparatus.

It has been a challenging time but we are proud to be playing our part in supporting Medical manufacturers worldwide, and to have this investment in place to pave a way for future urgent demands.

"This is one of our biggest investments to date and one that we had to move very quick on as the demands were – and still are, critical. We were extremely impressed with how fast the machinery manufacturers got the equipment to us and this has drastically improved the volume of products we are getting out of the door and into the medical manufacturers. Whilst our commitment doesn’t compare to the level of work carried out by NHS workers, it is very satisfying seeing our small contribution to controlling this virus."

Gareth Balshaw, Managing Director

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