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Battery & HV Cables

Battery & High Voltage Cables

  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBMade in Bolton, UK
  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBFast 4 Week Delivery
  • A2BB6D09-168E-4887-B27D-1C7E8CBC93BBISO 9001 Quality Approved

UK Manufactured Battery Cables

ASL is a thriving manufacturer of battery and high voltage cable assemblies.

We have been manufacturing battery and power cables for 25 years. We build to custom specifications, and can provide any type of cable and terminations, from simple ring terminals to more complex lugs and fittings.

We assemble battery and high voltage cables for a range of industries, including cars, buses and commercial vehicles. We also pride ourselves on providing high voltage cables that adhere strictly to our rigorous safety standards, delivering a high quality product with safety at the core of its manufacture.

Quality Assurance

We are quality approved to ISO 9001, and electrically test all battery cable assemblies upon completion of production. We also propose that an initial sample is made before volume manufacture commences, so that our customers can ensure the battery or high voltage cable meets their standards.

Being a trusted supplier of high reliability, high quality and technically advanced products, we are proud to be the supplier of choice to an impressive list of blue-chip companies, including Aston Martin, Siemens, and Vodafone.

Our Battery and HV Cable Assembly Service

All our battery and high voltage cables are delivered on a lighting fast turnaround, using automatic machines and our speedy in-house operators. Each cable assembly is made to the highest quality and given a 100% electrical inspection before being packaged and dispatched.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

  • Staff fully trained to IPC A-620

  • Fast 4-week delivery

  • Excellent customer service

    Case Study: Brompton Bicycle

We build our bikes with cable assemblies made by Assembly Solutions as their quality is first class and deliveries are always on time, which is vital for our fast moving production lines! The sales and engineering team are an absolute pleasure to deal with, very friendly and quick to respond to any technical changes and quotations. It is very easy to say that ASL are one of our best suppliers!

Henry Moreta, Buyer – Brompton Bicycle

Battery & HV Cable FAQs

What is a high voltage cable?

A high voltage cable is an electrical cable, capable of transmitting power at a high voltage. Any cable that is designed to transmit over 1000 volts between two points, and can do so safely, can be described as a high-voltage cable. 

What’s the difference between a high voltage and low voltage cable?

A high voltage cable (also referred to as an HV cable) is an electrical cable which can transmit power at a rate of 1000V (1kV), or higher. A low voltage cable is a cable which is only capable of safely transmitting up to 50V of electricity.

High-voltage cables are used to power large, high-output machines, such as those commonly seen in factories. Low voltage cables are more suited for residential, low-power use. For instance, in low-voltage household appliances. 

How many volts is a high voltage cable?

A high voltage cable can safely transmit electricity at a rate of 1000V (1kV), or above. However, there are ultra-high voltage cables which are designed to carry 50,000V (50kV) of energy between two points.

Before working with any high-voltage cable, it’s vital to always check the specifications of the cable you are using to make sure they are safe and suitable for the job at hand. 

What type of cable is used for batteries?

To connect a power source such as a car battery to components like headlights or the vehicle ignition, you need specialised cables known as battery cables. Battery cables tend to be fairly rigid, with thick insulated jackets to protect the copper core of the cable.

What size cable do I need for my battery?

The size of cable you will need to connect a battery will depend on the battery power of the device or machine. It’s best practice to get a cable with a slightly higher voltage than you need, for safety and efficiency reasons. 

You should also consider how flexible you need the cable to be, as well as any other specifications you require for the task at hand.

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