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    Do you need a trailer for your car, horse, motorsport vehicle?

    Assembly Solutions supply trailer wiring harness and cable assembly for any trailer or truck.

    Motorsport trailers, horsebox trailer, medical trailers, specialist trailers and domestic trailers.

    Assembly Solutions supply wiring harness and cable assembly solutions to UK leading trailer manufacturer, Indespension.

    Indespension have 19 stores and hundreds of stockists across the UK & Ireland all supported by sales and technical backup from the Head Office, you are never far away from professional and friendly service.

    Thousands of new and used trailers – plus a full range of parts and towing accessories for most makes of trailer – are available with Indespension stores, offering trailer servicing and repair and excellent towbar fitting facilities.

    Indespension have recently introduced a new system to our website. The online quotation system is an innovative new design which is the first of its kind in the industry. It allows you to book a towbar for your vehicle with just a few clicks.

    As it is a new system they have created a step by step guide to explain how easy it is to begin your towbar journey. See journey here.

    See our wiring loom trailer product page for more information.