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    So today we enter into December, the Christmas countdown begins and the ASL production of wiring loom and wiring harness ramps up!

    Our teams are gearing up on the production resource for our wiring looms and wiring harnesses as the winter months prove to be a busy period.

    With road and weather conditions getting worse at this time of year, the demand for salt spreaders, snow ploughs and other road maintenance vehicles increases.

    Our wiring solutions help vehicle manufactures and other general engineering manufacturers;

    • Reduce your Costs
    • Reduce your Output
    • Remove your production bottle necks
    • Receive First class wiring loom quality, ISO9001 Approved
    • Receive Fast Turnaround

    We have experience in any electrical wiring loom including full bus and truck wiring harness, to highways cctv security camera cable assembly.

    We have also recently launched our new wiring harness webpage, so please take a look for more information on all our wiring harness solutions.

    Wiring Loom or wiring harness assemblies are often a sub-assembly of a control panel. Assembly Solutions are also control panel manufacturers and have a purpose built facility to meet the needs of customers who require control panels and wiring loom package.

    To discuss your wiring loom or wiring harness needs, call us on 01204 521999.
    Alternatively you can email us on sales@assembly-solutions.com

    We hope to hear from you very soon!
    Watch our wiring loom manufacture in action below!