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Rain, Winds and Storms batter Britain, but have you got Watertight Cable Assemblies?


Watertight Cable Assemblies have never been as important as they are right now.

Heavy rain is forecast for the North West this week, meaning floodwaters are remaining high but conditions are set to ease off by Friday. Southeast England and East Anglia will still have some rain but things will turn brighter with sunshine forecast for later in the week.

Ok so back to Watertight Cable Assemblies..

Assembly Solutions are a UK leading manufacturer of cable assembly and wiring loom solutions, and want to share with you the importance of protecting cables that are used in harsh environments.

As an electrical assembly powering systems and applications, it is important they are manufactured to a high standard and protected against harsh environments so they can withstand all weathers.

ASL offer a complete solution for watertight cable assemblies and we carry out rigorous electrical and water tests before despatching any assemblies from our factory in Bolton.

If water or moisture is leaked inside a connector or cable, it can cause severe damage and result in replacing high value cables.

Cable overmoulding is the term used when all cable and components are sealed in a watertight encapsualtion, reducing any risk of electrical damage.

Benefits Of Overmolded Cable Assemblies

  • Improved Quality and Durability
  • Improved Strain Relief and Flexibility
  • Environmental Performance Advantages
  • Aesthetics

Cable Overmoulding provides effective unbreakable environmentally friendly protection and strain relief.

Don’t let your cable assemblies fail or become damaged during these tough weathers.

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